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  • Pattern based appointment book. Book appointments during idle periods in the book.
  • View entire book on a single page
  • Switch from daily view with all stylists, to weekly, monthly, and yearly per stylist
  • Track employee vacation schedules, or split shift schedules
  • Attach icons to color codes to services
  • Custom color or general purpose notes, easily accessible from the appointment calendar
  • Schedule resources such as tanning bed, booth rentals
  • Control overbooking on a per stylist setting
  • Create reoccurring appointments, weekly, monthly, or custom schedule. You can even book around conflicts automatically.
  • Create custom walk-in routing rules based on performance and availability
  • No-Show warnings and cancellation notices

Appointment Finder

  • Automated search and find routine to minimize “dead zones” in your calendar
  • Complex search routine to match services needed and availability based on multiple employee schedules. Great for spas trying to book several stylists during the course of a visit to the spa.


  • Manage schedule for resources in your shop such as tanning beds, dryers or rooms.
  • Book resources with appointments, and bill hourly rates for resources.

Waiting Lists and Walk In Queue

  • Manages a walk in queue for first available stylist, or for an individual stylist.
  • Create waiting lists for employees, dates, services, or combinations of all three.

Scheduling and Planning

  • Define custom scheduling groups and generate calendars to help manage hourly workers.
  • Define groups such as shampoo or receptionists, and the system will determine the amount of resources you will need to handle your salon's work load.
  • Stylists can be marked out for lunch breaks, or block out periods of time for today or in the future

Cash Register

  • Easy to use point of sale cash out process.
  • X and Z reports
  • Maintain unlimited number of cash drawers
  • Automatic ticket number per drawer
  • Mark services as pending, to allow customers to come back in later to process them.
  • Sell products and services via the Web
  • Cash out directly from calendar screen
  • Counter sales directly from calendar screen for fast check out
  • Sales and staff performance reports
  • Manages credit card and cash tips. End of Day reports will tell you how much cash is held in the drawer for tips.
  • Allows overpayment of receipt for purposes of tips.
  • Look up customer sales and service history from the cash out screen.
  • Combine multiple tickets during cash out.
  • Manually add new items during cash out, or update currently inventory levels.
  • Support for poll displays and digital video recorders

Employee Management

  • Password access to sensitive information
  • Track hourly, commissioned and salaried employees
  • Create commission schedules for products and services
  • Employees can create custom service prices and appointment patterns, designed to their work flow.
  • Employees can track service patterns for individual clients, to more accurately book appointments in the future. For example, a particular client may take longer for a services based on their style, than the default pattern for the stylist. This helps reduce “dead zones” in the stylist’s appointment book. (future)
  • Track payroll and time sheets
  • Full employee time clock functions, manages your hourly employees
  • Clock in/out status, will automatically route walk in clients to available staff

Customer Tracking

  • Maintain demographics on your customers
  • Use a digital camera for Before and After pictures. Pictures are stored and attached to each appointment, so you can track services with each picture
  • Customer referral tracking
  • Customer CRM functions allow you to data mine your customer database, to search for similar services and as well as purchasing patterns.
  • Export for mail merge and label printing
  • Maintain color formula history and general purpose notes.
  • Online mailing service (future)
  • Birthday Lists for mailings

Gift cards

  • Use pre-printed gift cards, or paper certificates
  • cards can hold cash value, or individual products or services
  • cards can be located by serial number, or customer lookup
  • automatically locates cards assigned to customers during the cash out process
  • renewal via the web (future)


  • maintain inventory based or service location or type of product
  • create custom packages and promotional packages


  • Individual stylist cover sheets, shows next days schedule with customer summary
  • End of Day individual stylist sales report

Phone Confirmation

  • Process phone confirmations from the daily schedule.
  • Daily schedule visually shows unconfirmed appointments.
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